faunalia (faunalia) wrote,

From time to time

Three more weeks of Hawaii.

This place probably isn't what most people picture when you say you've run off to a tropical paradise for six months... far more in common with New Mexico or Northern Ontario, far less the idyllic hut on the beach with swaying palm trees. Still I'm not sure how I would've weathered everything that's gone down without it. I don't know why I need so much solitude, so much raw rocky space. I'll never know why there is a shard of desert lodged irretrievably in my heart, why I don't feel like I can thrive in the environment (a big city) into which I was born. The reason for being here, of course, and not in the desert, is the Ocean. The ever changing waves, from gentle pond to deadly beach, it's been such a gift to be able to lose some of my cares in them from time to time.
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